Folding door "B" (180-degree), 200x(65-67), cm

Article no: B70-01
695 EUR

Folding door "B" (180-degree), 200x(65-67), cm

Article no: B70-01
695 EUR

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Foldedør som kan foldes ind, når du ikke benytter brusehjørnet.
Her får du ekstra meget
gulvplads i badeværelset – en super løsning
i et lille og trangt badeværelse

Den smarte foldedør løser også problemet medvand på gulvet, når man åbner døren. Døren folder nemlig på midten, så vanddråberne forbliver i vådområdet. Foldefunktionen giver ud over en stor åbning - samtidig plads til
armaturet, når døren er foldet ind mod væggen.

Dørene foldes indad, så de optager
mindst muligt plads
• Foldedøren kan også kombineres med andre
døre og fast væg fra 70-140 cm
• Ekstra høje dryplister kan tilkøbes, hvis
der er stort fald i gulv
• Gulvprofilkit, der leder vandet ind i
brusehjørnet, kan tilkøbes



200 cm


0.6 cm

Interval width:

65-67 cm


Satin/clear glass


Clear glass

Custom code:


VVS number:


DB Number:


Packaging height:

210 cm

Packing width:

71 cm

Packing depth:

6 cm

Netto Weight:

20800 g

Brutto Weight:

23800 g





Folding door "B" (180-degree), 200x(65-67), cm


Mounting instruction


Mounting instruction


Maintenance instructions


Rise and fall function

The rise and fall hinges lift the door from the floor when opening and have a self-closing mechanism when the door is opened to 90 degrees. Inside the hinge a water proofing seal has been added for water protection.

Dansani Match shower - complete solution

Everything from the Dansani Match shower series is delivered with both magnetic profiles and seals ready to be fitted. No extra purchases required to fit the product unless it is a unique solution that can't be met with our standard Match assortment

Magnetic profiles that keep the water outside

With every hinged door and fixed panel a magnetic profile is supplied that can be combined with the magnetic profiles from all the other hinged door models. This adjustment can be made twice after which the profile is set to its counterpart. The magnet is located inside a PVC-profile with a matt surface to ensure that the profiles stick together during a prolonged time of not being in use

Reversible assortment

All Dansani Match enclosures are reversible and can be installed as both right- or left-hand models without modification or use of tools on site

No more dirt and lime

If you choose a Dansani shower you are guaranteed an easily cleaned and beautiful glass surface. EasyCare is a German environmentally friendly product which is certified by the independant laboratory SGS Institut Fresenius with reference to OECD Guideline 2009. As standard all Dansani shower series are equipped with the resistant and environmentally friendly Easy-Care treatment that makes life tough for dirt and lime scale - even after 30,000 cleanings. The glass just needs to be wiped down with a soft cloth after use so that you have beautiful glass for many years to come.

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