Haderslev, 5 March 2020

Dansani, the Danish bathroom group, acquires Swedish colleague INR to become the largest in the Nordic region

The owner and CEO of Dansani, Carsten Friis, is acquiring the Swedish competitor, INR. The acquisition makes Dansani/INR together the largest supplier of bathroom furniture and shower enclosure solutions in the Nordic region. Dansani is strong on the Danish market as INR is in Sweden, while both companies are solidly represented in Norway and Finland. The combined turnover in the Nordic countries will be in excess of DKK 500 million, equivalent of 67 MEUR.

INR/Dansani present a strong product mix. While INR is a leader in tailored shower solutions, Dansani leads in bathroom furniture category. In the short term, the aim is to concentrate on existing business that both companies are known for in Scandinavia, while strengthening collaboration. Moving forward, the ambition is to expand further into markets in Central Europe.

“INR is a perfect match for Dansani, and the two companies complement each other well, both with their ranges and market positions and with their corporate culture. Following the purchase, Dansani/INR will be a significant player in our product categories and primary markets. As a single unit, Dansani/INR will have the necessary strength to reinforce sales in our present markets and expand into new ones. I am extremely pleased that this purchase has been successful,” states the CEO, Carsten Friis.

“The takeover with Dansani as the new owner of INR is the best possible scenario. This merger means a tangible lift for both employees and customers. In particular for our customers, who will benefit from both companies being able to supply a wider range of products, services and expertise.
I am delighted to pass on the baton to Carsten Friis, who will be CEO of the new Dansani/INR constellation,” says Per Skårner. After the takeover, he is stepping down from operational responsibility, but will continue as a board memeber of INR/Dansani.


For more information, please contact:

Carsten Friis 
Owner and CEO 
Dansani A/S 
+45 21 78 66 98

Johan Nyman
Nordic Head of Sales and Marketing
INR Nordic AB
+46 739 40 05 29


INR Nordic AB
INR designs, manufactures and sells bathroom furniture, tailored shower solutions, accessories and towel heaters. The design is simple Scandinavian, high quality products with attention to detail. INR was established in 1988 in Scania in Sweden, with headquarters in Malmö and production facilities in Jönköping. The CapMan equity fund has owned INR since 2010. INR’s main markets are in Sweden, Norway and Finland. See more at www.inr.se

Dansani A/S
Dansani A/S develops and markets bathroom products, and has deep roots in traditional Danish design, where skilled craftsmanship, simplicity and functionality are at the core. Dansani was established in 1983 with headquarters in Haderslev and supplies stylistically stringent solutions for quality-conscious customers. With subsidiary companies in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Sweden, more than 80 per cent of Dansani’s turnover is generated outside Denmark. See more at www.dansani.dk