Tailor-made Danish Design

With classic bathroom designs from Danish Dansani, you can literally tailor-make your own individual solutions. When it comes to both shape, size and colour.

Long gone are the days, when you had to plan your personal bathroom design using predefined modules. The same is the case, where choices are limited to a few different colours. With its classic design series, Calidris, Dansani now breaks with limitations and offers countertops, basins as well as scribing panels that suit the exact needs for you and your bathroom. And when it comes to finish, you can choose any colour you like.

Authentic classic designs

Dansani’s Calidris series of furniture is a stylish Danish design classic. Functionality, simplicity and minimalistic, with a wide range of well-thought-out details that reveal themselves during use. These features give this furniture series its long-term durability that excels as true classical design. Ever since the first furniture modules of this series was launched in 1996, the Calidris-series has enjoyed great success in Europe, and during the past 20 years Dansani has furthermore refined the design. Now the Danish design company is ready with a complete customized version.

- Already when we launched Calidris, the series exceeded its limits then, for how many ways it could be used for individual room designs. By scaling a standard measure of 20 times 20 centimetres we obtained a flexibility that made the series perfect for anything from a very small guest toilet to large master bathrooms. But no matter the possibilities we still had the modular limitations. This is what we have now changed explains Susanne Kragh, Dansani’s sales- and marketing director. 

Freedom of choice

The countertops including the new solid surface option with integrated basin can now be supplied in made to measure sizes. By working with the extremely strong but light and thin, acrylic based material in solid surface, complete flexibility has been achieved in relation to both shapes, sizes and the number of vanity units that can be placed below. Furthermore, the new material adds an aesthetic ease to the already light and simple furniture design, which takes the Calidris-series to new heights.

The modularity is however preserved, when it comes to cabinets and drawers, but even for this Dansani has found a solution that gives the freedom of choice in regards to room layouts.

- By using a scribing panel in the exact same quality as cabinets and drawers, we can create a perfect solution with no unsightly finishing touches. This means you do not need to compromise on the number of units or the positioning. The final installed furniture choice will provide a coherent solution, where no two designs are the same, Susanne Kragh explains. 

Individual colours

With the new version of Calidris, the choice of colour is entirely up to you. New production methods for lacquering opens up for a whole new level of flexibility during manufacturing, and with the made to order option, Dansani is able to let the final colour choice be entirely up to the customer.

- Naturally we produce the series in a variety of defined colours for our showrooms, so you get to experience it in different colour variants, and among these choose your favourite. But if you wish to get a unique individual colour, then the choices are unlimited, Susanne Kragh explains. 

Solid quality

The quality for the Calidris-series is founded on real, Danish cabinetry craftsmanship. All cabinets are assembled using biscuit and tenon joints, that provide both a strong and stable construction, yet at the same time ensure beautiful and invisible transitions. All wood components originate from sustainable, European forestry, and the veneers used are made from the highest quality. These are then sorted by hand, so that the wood grain, hue and appearance look at its very best, ensured for each individual cabinet throughout the series.