YOU means you are the designer yourself

With YOU from Dansani you have a free hand to experiment with elements and styles to create your very own personal bathroom.

Create your personal space
That is the challenge from Dansani in Denmark, wherever you meet the company and its distinctive Danish design. With YOU, Dansani is taking the challenge to new levels. This is not just a series, but a whole universe, where you can experiment and play with ideas and combinations across different styles. The result is an entirely personal bathroom. The YOU concept does not just let you work with a personal choice of elements. You are the designer yourself.  

“It has always been in our genes at Dansani, that customers use our furnishings on their own terms – and our designs must break down the limits for what is possible in personal furnishing. We have passed a milestone with YOU. There are so many possibilities, and they are so varied and flexible that no two solutions will be the same,” says Rasmus Kjær, CDO at Dansani.

Easy and intuitive
YOU provides a wealth of choice, not only in the larger elements like doors on cabinets, basins, table tops and lighting, but right down to the details and little things like handles, legs and towel hooks. Being faced with such an abundance of choices all at once could be overwhelming, so Dansani has launched YOU in three unique styles: Vintage, Classic and Urban.

“For the customer, these styles are a line of approach. Instead of being presented with vanity units and table tops, you are introduced to a style. It is easy and intuitive to decode, and if you can recognise yourself in one of the styles, then it can be a reference point when you begin to experiment with combinations. The styles are simply somewhere to start,” explains Rasmus Kjær.

Mix and match
Besides the three styles, YOU includes a profusion of modules, which combine so flexibly that they can be tailored to practically any room or any wish, and all elements are compatible with any of the styles. This allows you to mix and match between the styles and create an entirely personal expression. 

“Even a little detail like putting romantic Vintage legs and handles with a stringent Urban cabinet changes the expression completely. At the same time, it is fun to experiment with breaking away from the overall style. It stimulates curiosity and adds personality and edge to the final result. It really lets the customer take over the designer’s role, and we can barely wait to see what designs our customers will put together with YOU,” says Rasmus Kjær.

Quality and craftsmanship in three styles
There are widely different expressions in the three styles of YOU, but at the same time they are clearly all in the same family of well-known Dansani Danish design, where the keywords are simple functionality and attention to detail, founded on high quality craftsmanship.


Romantic, functional retro.
A light, organic style, in its very essence inviting you to find a personal, decorative furnishing style.




Timeless elegance.
The classic virtues of Scandinavian design tradition show clearly in every detail, creating an elegantly timeless look.




A modular and minimal idiom.
Strong, clean lines, with absolutely no fuss. There are no superfluous details to disturb the smooth, single-coloured surfaces and stringent lines.



Urban and Classic mix

Classic is combined here with elements from Urban and Vintage. It still gives a basically timeless impression, but it is softened with elements of minimalism and retro.