Dansani Curvo - When simplicity takes over calmness flourishes

With Dansani Curvo, you can furnish your home and surround yourself with stringent elegance that gives you sufficient space to enjoy your time in the bathroom. The furniture in the Dansani Curvo series has a different expression and offers a special aura of Danish design at its best.

The design is simple and clear with user-friendly and practical functionality. The modern expression creates calmness and you can enjoy the plane fronts without handles and the streamlined, straight lines that are softened by gentle, round corners.

Dansani Curvo offers several surprising and intelligent details such as a mirror with lift-up-function and doors with integrated shelves. The simple vanity units only consist of one drawer and a washbasin that seems to have merged with the cabinet. The tall mirror sits enthroned on the back wall of the tall cabinet, and the mirror cabinet has shelves that you can easily move around to make the layout fit your needs.

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A washbasin above. A drawer below. That is all!

The vanity unit consists of one large drawer only. When you open the large, spacious drawer you open the entire vanity unit. When you close the drawer, the entire vanity unit closes. The only stationary element is the washbasin. Open and close. It does not get simpler or any more elegant than that.

Room for everything and everybody

The large, spacious drawer in the vanity unit has plenty of room for several people to store their accessories. You are free to place the adjustable room divider as you wish. If two people share the bathroom furniture, there should be room for both. Dansani Curvo is designed and organised with both his and hers in mind. For the double pleasure of togetherness.

The vanity unit has a narrow aluminium shelf that spans the entire width of the drawer and a non-slip rubber mat at the bottom. An adjustable room divider in aluminium is also available. Use several room dividers and give yourself lots of possibilities for organising the drawer.

Dansani Curvo vanity units are available with integrated lighting which practically and elegantly fills the drawer with a soft light when the drawer is opened.

Adjust the light to suit you

Let your eyes delight, you hands caress and your senses feel.... Curvo has been created to allow your everyday lift to smile back at you. Enjoy a mirror solution with adjustable illumination, where you decide the light according to your requirements and needs. The mirrors and mirror cabinets feature a built in touch panel where you can swicth the light on and off, adjust the colour from golden warm to coolest white as well as the strength of the light itself.

Opens and closes with a light push

The front panels of basins, wall cabinets and base cabinets are completely free of handles. With Curvo, “handle-free” means that you do not necessarily have to use your hands to open and close the cabinets. Just give the front a light push with your hip, knee or arm, for example, and the drawer and door will open or close smoothly and silently. This is very practical, convenient and hygienic in a bathroom where you often have dirty fingers or water, soap or lotion on your hands. With Curvo’s functions it is easy to open the cabinets – even with hands-free operation.

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Porcelain basins 

Dansani Curvo porcelain basins are manufactured from  genuine sanitary porcelain, a strong, glazed ceramic material. When fired at approx. 1220°C, the glaze melts to form a hard, smooth and glossy surface which is easy to clean. Curvo basins are supplied with a cover for the waste, and no overflow. 


MDF board lacquered with moisture-proof mat, white two-component lacquer or moisture-proof graphite grey rubber two-component polyurethane lacquer. Top and base of mirror cabinet as well as back panel for mirror is, however, lacquered with aluminium-coloured moisture-proof two-component lacquer.

Vanity units 

Vanity units are supplied mounted on a lacquered steel frame as well as mounting kit. The drawer is made from 12 mm lacquered MDF board and is fitted with push-open and soft-close-function. The drawer is adjustable and delivered with an aluminium shelf and non-slip rubber inlay. Option of adding energy-saving LED lighting, approx. 2-4W dependi ng on drawer width. Lifespan of 30,000 hours. Option of adding divider made from 2.5 mm aluminium for optimised organisation.

Tall units and wall cabinets

Doors are made from 8 mm MDF board fitted with 2.5 mm thin aluminium shelves which provide storage space. The doors come with an adjustable push-open function. The mirror is wall-mounted, and the storage space in the door allows the entire mirror to be fully utilised.


Mirrors are supplied on 16 mm lacquered MDF board and with wall fittings. 2 round 5,8W lamps with energy-saving LED lighting are mounted on the mirror.

Mirror cabinets

Both mirror cabinets in Curvo are supplied with energy-saving LED lighting in the mirror, integrated socket and sensor switch. All mirror cabinets come with adjustable aluminium shelves allowing flexible daily use. Please see the price list for specifics. The 2 door option with double-sided round mirror doors comes with dampers which ensure that the doors close softly and silently and with aluminium handles that can fitted, if desired. The lift-up version comes with an integrated handle behind the mirror as well as lift-up function which opens the mirror door 29 cm above the upper edge of the cabinet. Furthermore mirror cabinets can also be fitted with integrated, energy-saving LED underlights that provide extra light over the washbasin.

Mirrors and mirror cabinets with adjustable light come with the 12 V lighting system that offers you the following options:

  1. Light control that remembers the last settings.
    • On and off function.
    • Variable dimming with 4 pre-sets.
    • Stepless dimming and adjustment of the colour temperature of the light (2100 – 6500 K)* with 4 pre-saved settings.
    • The electronic light adjustment function requires a 5 second interval between activating the off/on touch switch to remember its last setting.
  2. Excellent colour rendering (Ra 90+).

*) 2100K is a very warm, almost reddish light and 6500K is far colder, almost bluish.

The lifespan of the driver and LED are reduced if the light is kept on constantly.


2.5 mm aluminium divider for optional organisation of washstand.

Fitting instructions

Are included with every delivery.


At Dansani, we vouch for our products. That is the reason why we, beyond the rights the consumer has through legislation, grant further product warranty of our products and give 10 years warranty of our bathroom furniture.

Our products are produced in accordance with existing standards and demands in harmonised industrial standards. Surfaces of wood, porcelain and glass have natural differences in their finish, which is part of the character of the material, and is not considered as product defects, if they keep the current quality and tolerances within Dansani.
The warranty requires that the product is mounted in accordance with the enclosed mounting instruction.

Dansani is not responsible for damages or defects due to incorrect mounting or installation. If the product contrary to expectations has defects, please supply us with documentation before mounting. Installation of water and electric parts must be done by authorised
professionals and be in accordance with existing regulations. The warranty requires that the maintenance instruction has been followed. No replacement will be granted by defects caused by incorrect or insufficient maintenance, reworked furniture or unusual use. Please be aware that the warranty no longer applies and the risk for moisture damages grows, if adjustments of the construction and/or the design are made.

We recommend that the enclosed maintenance instruction is read thoroughly and followed, and you only use the recommended cleaning detergents to ensure that your products are beautiful for many years. The warranty does not include components requiring regular maintenance, and they are thus seen as consumption materials. Common wearing parts such as drivers, hinges, drawer rails, dampeners, overflow rosettes and diverse lists for showers are consumption materials.

The warranty does not cover the costs from third part or articles not delivered by Dansani. Any costs relating to that must be covered by the insurance of the company responsible for the installation or by the consumer’s own insurance.

Before you order

The Dansani Curvo range is produced to order. Therefore we have a lead time of 3-4 weeks.

Before you fit the furniture

Please read the fitting instructions carefully before commencing to fit the furniture. All plumbing work should be performed by a qualified installer and all electrical connections should be carried out by a qualified electrician. Please note that the dimensions of porcelain washbasins are subject to variations within the margins indicated. Please ensure the wall is suitable for the installation of this vanity unit due to weight.


Please always read the folder (enclosed with the furniture on delivery) which contains advice and instructions on the maintenance of your furniture. Always read the instructions and declaration of contents of any cleaning agents before you use them on your new furniture. Cleaning materials containing abrasives, solvents and strong acids should not be used. Please make sure that wash basin and furniture are dried after use. This will make the cleaning easier and avoids your furniture being damaged by moisture.


Dansani reserve the right to make any alteration to the products and make product improvements without prior notice. Dansani cannot be held liable for errors due to misprints. Dansani have an ­ongoing policy of design, development and improvement, we therefore reserve the right to modify specification and prices without prior notice. Special orders and furniture that has been fitted cannot be returned. 

Installation measurements can be found by searching for the specific product. This is possible in two ways depending on the detail you have:

  1. Type the article number in the search field at the top of the homepage
  2. Under the menu "Find products" you can filter to the required product

When you have identified the product choose "Read more" and afterwards choose "Installation, mounting and maintenance" and download the specific measurements.

Fitting instructions can be found by searching for the specific products. This is possible in two ways depending on the detail you have:

  1. Type the article number in the search field at the top of the homepage
  2. Under the menu "Find products" you can filter to the required product

When you have identified the product choose "Read more" and afterwards choose "Installation, mounting and maintenance" and download the specific measurements.

If you need to take a look at our fitting videos, you can find them here.

Maintenance instructions can be found by searching for the specific products. This is possible in two ways depending on the detail you have:

  1. Type the article number in the search field at the top of the homepage
  2. Under the menu "Find products" you can filter to the required product

When you have identified the product choose "Read more" and afterwards choose "Installation, mounting and maintenance" and download the specific instructions.