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About Dansani - CSR


Social Responsibility

Dansani has in all areas focus on a business-driven social responsibility. Right from our choice of raw materials and suppliers, our internal processes and the social working environment in the company to deliveries of products. We have a formulated environmental policy that we comply with in our efforts to minimise environmental and climate impact. Based on the statement that many small streams make a big river, we strive to act environmentally and socially responsible in large and small. At our workplaces, we consider the working environment and social well-being high. At Dansani we focus on human diversity and difference.

Our goal

  • To drive a corporate social responsible business.
  • Be a good partner, which both the consumers and retailer can choose with calmness.
  • Take responsibility for the community in which we take part.
  • Be a workplace where our employees thrive and are proud to work. It gives job satisfaction and thus high product quality.
  • Focus on increasing local employment through growth.
  • Create a dynamic working environment and attract qualified employees in our region.
  • Be committed both regionally and locally through various sponsorships.

Dansani’s actions to drive a socially responsible business

  • We support the educational system and coorporate with the educational institutions both regional and local by offering students both trainee programs and internships.
  • We take our responsibility to bring young people into the labour market and annually offer students trainee programs within; sales, administration, purchasing, warehouse etc. as well as the opportunity to complete the final educational thesis within our company.
  • We take an active responsibility to integrate ethnic minorities and people who have difficult conditions in the labour market, e.g. people with reduced working capacity.
  • At Dansani we have room for different religions and opinions. As a business, we are neutral in terms of religion. We are divided into 11 different nationalities of 220 employees.
  • We are involved in the local community and we sponsor; Relay for Life – (Cancer Society), SønderjyskE (local football club), The World Champion orienteer Maja Alm - and the triathlete Daniel Sommerkorn.


Danish design

With Dansani, you get beautiful bathroom solutions based on the philosophy behind Danish design: functionality, simplicity, naturalness.

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