Bathroom refurbishment in style

If you are not sure what your style is, we have compiled some different suggestions that we hope will inspire you to find your very own personal style when you start out on your bathroom refurbishment.

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Invite nature inside

We love natural wood – from light types of wood to darker tones. Nordic decoration is light and open, with lightweight, functional furniture and beautiful, simple details. Adding natural wood to your design creates images of untamed Scandinavian scenery, and brings liveliness to the bathroom. We have wooden decors in several of our ranges, but Calidris in particular stands out in this area. All Calidris wooden elements are over-veneered on solid oak edges, and this provides uniform quality with a more beautiful, natural grain and texture. Read more about oak veneer in Calidris.

If you want to create a bathroom that exudes personality and a unique style, then you can also combine wooden sides with lacquered fronts on the furniture.

When you start your bathroom renovation, you can create a well defined look and bring nature even closer by incorporating a few green plants and muted colours that blend into each other.

And last but not least: do not abandon your own personality as you search for pure Nordic design, but let your own personal preferences combine with one of the different decorating styles and create your own interpretation of it. Your bathroom must also be practical for everyday use, and it should be evident that you are the person who lives there.

From pastel shades to BOLD colours

Your decorating style can take advantage of colour combinations if you choose the right ones. Colours affect both your mind and your mood, and add personality and liveliness.

When you start your bathroom renovation, discreet pastel colours can help to keep the light, uncluttered and airy look but still add extra personality. This is also true when pastels are used on the bathroom furniture as well as the walls.

You can play with bolder colours in many ways in your design – a colourful piece of bathroom furniture can be like artwork in its own right in the bathroom. The secret here is to let the chosen colour do itself justice without becoming too dominant. This way you can get a stylish bathroom with lots of personality.

White on white

Are you one of those people who just really like white? Well, it is not that unusual. White is the colour that reflects light most effectively, and we all need lots of light.

Of course you can create your dream bathroom with white bathroom furniture on white walls. White can also create a cosy mood and make a bathroom exude a pleasant ambience. It is important, however, that the colours you add in the form of elements such as accessories and plant pots are gentle and warm, with surfaces that are not too sleek like plastic or steel.