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When choosing a mirror for your bathroom it's important to consider both the shape and the size. You can break the straight lines of your bathroom with a round circle mirror or an oval mirror but you can also emphasise and highlight these lines with square mirrors and light fittings. Think of your bathroom as a whole and see what fits in best. Our mirrors come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours so you can find the mirror that suits you and your taste.

The beautiful Moon mirror is also available as an oval model where you can choose between black, brass or white frame. It's well illuminated to assist with tasks such as trimming your beard or applying make-up to perfection. It also has a dimmer function and can be adjusted to create cosy mood lighting at the end of the day and send you on your way to bed.

If you love oval shaped mirrors you can also choose the beautiful Oval mirror for your bathroom. The mirror also has lighting control but you'll need to add external light fittings. Here we recommend the beautiful Lyra lights which look great with the mirror and fit in with both the style and the look.

Of course you can also get the Moon mirror as a completely round mirror and here the options are the same as the oval Moon mirror in terms of colours and lighting. This means that Moon is available as a round mirror black, i.e. Moon is a black frame mirrors. Another beautiful round mirror is our Corona model which has the option of lighting control but also has the option of a mains switched model.  Both models here have a beautiful ring of light behind the mirror - hence the name Corona. Both Corona and Moon are available in large sizes, so if you are looking for a large round mirror, they are available in Ø90cm. The Shine mirror is another round model and has a beautiful black frame. The LED lighting on this mirror can be switched on and off directly at the mirror.

We also have square mirrors designed for bathrooms. Here you can get bathroom mirrors with integrated lighting but you can also get mirrors that require the addition of external light fittings. Many of our square mirrors have LED lighting with light control so you can set how warm and bright your bathroom lighting should be. The beautiful Show mirror has a lighting frame all the way around the mirror while Panorama, Level and Repeat are available with horizontal lighting fields at the top and bottom of your bathroom mirror.

If you need a dress mirror in your bathroom or elsewhere in your home the Soft mirror is available in a handy size of 40cm wide and 160cm high. This mirror has lighting control so you can also control the settings of your light fittings above the mirror.


Do you prefer bathroom LED mirrors with light built into the mirror itself? Or do you prefer bathroom mirrors with external lighting? You can find both here and most of our bathroom mirrors also have both light colour and intensity control.

LED lighting in mirrors is not just clever but is also good for the environment. These mirrors use less power and are better able to withstand being switched on and off several times a day. So consider both sustainability and the economy when choosing lighting and mirrors for your bathroom.

For those who want to control the colour temperature of the light from warm to cold we offer many mirror models with lighting control. You can turn the brightness up or down depending on whether you need efficient task lighting in the morning or if you want more atmospheric and subdued lighting before you go to bed. You can adjust the light according to your needs and circadian rhythm on a built-in touch panel with on/off control, continuous dimming function and colour temperature adjustment.

All our mirrors are IP44 approved so they are suitable for use in the bathroom where moisture can often be an issue.


You can buy a shelf that can fit in front of most of our mirrors. The Reach shelf can be placed in front of our frameless mirrors providing the practical solution of a bathroom mirror with a shelf. Keep it simple  and use the sehlf for your glasses and a small vase with a flower from the garden. The Reach shelf is the perfect match for our bathroom mirrors and its simple style will be a great addition to your bathroom.

You can also use our beautiful Present mirror if you're looking for a bathroom shelves mirror. This round mirror is tinted in a light grey tone, and a shelf is attached to the mirror itself so you can place small decorations on the shelf. The round Present mirror can be used on the wall on its own, but can also be placed half behind the Corona mirror for a beautiful and stylish effect in the bathroom.

If you need more storage in and around your mirror we recommend you take a closer look at our mirror cabinets. Here you'll find beautiful mirror cabinets in many sizes to suit your needs. Our mirror cabinets also have lighting control and the lights are of course LED – the sustainable yet economic choice.

You can get a built-in mirror cabinet that doesn't take up space in the room but still offers plenty of storage space with practical lighting. The mirror cabinet looks just like a regular mirror and is therefore a great solution in the bathroom where storage space is important.\


A good starting point is to choose a mirror that is at least as wide as the basin or vanity unit it hangs over but as a general rule you should choose a mirror that you like and that you think will look good in your home. Think about the size of your bathroom as you don't want a mirror that's too small or too big for the room. If you have plenty of space you can consider 2 mirrors but, in general, choose a mirror that fits in with your style and one where you can see yourself without obstructions.


For a bathroom you should choose a mirror that is specifically designed for use in such an environment. Dansani mirrors are of high quality and have sealed edges so they don't oxidise when exposed to steam and moisture in the bathroom. In addition you should be aware that if you buy a mirror with integrated lighting the light fittings must be IP44 approved - and Dansani's lights and mirrors of course reach this standard.


A wet room mirror is specially designed for use in bathrooms. If the mirror has integrated lighting it must be classified as IP44 rated and this is the case for all Dansani mirrors. An IP44 rating ensures that the mirror can be installed closer to the shower area or bath as long as the electrical connection on the back of the mirror is located at least 60cm from the edge of the shower area or bath.


The height of a mirror when fitted on the wall depends on various factors such as the size of the room and the height of the users. Generally speaking the mirror should be installed so that it gives the user a sufficient field of view of their face and upper body.


It's entirely up to you and the style of your bathroom. A round or oval mirror can be both romantic and modern depending on the colour you choose for the room. Our square mirrors have a larger mirror surface and if you buy mirrors with built-in lighting you'll get great illumination in and around your mirror.


When it comes to placing a mirror over a basin it's important to consider both functionality and aesthetics. Generally speaking the mirror should be placed as close to the basin as possible without getting in the user's way or affecting their comfort when brushing their teeth or washing their face for example. As a rule of thumb the bottom edge of the mirror should be placed approximately 10-20cm above the top edge of the basin. This allows room to wash your face and brush your teeth while the mirror is still close enough to see yourself easily.