Are you looking for a square mirror for your bathroom? You'll find it right here on our site where we have both square mirrors with and without lighting.

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With a square mirror you have a larger mirror surface than with a round or oval mirror. Our square mirrors are available in different widths to suit your basin and vanity unit so you can fully utilise your bathroom space. The space above the bathroom furniture is often square which is where this type of mirror fits in perfectly.

A square mirror is also the perfect place to add lighting. Square mirrors that don't have built-in lighting have optional light fittings instead that shine down over the mirror and your basin. Our lighting solutions are LED and you can control the strength and warmth of the lights with the lighting control on the mirror. If you want a mirror without lighting control and with a simpler, cleaner look choose the beautiful Select mirror.

If you're looking for smaller square mirrors we have mirrors as small as 40cm in width so you can find the right solution for you. The 40cm option also offers a square dress mirror which is 160cm high. This mirror is square and fits perfectly in the bathroom, bedroom, wardrobe or hallway. So you can easily find a smaller square mirror here from Dansani.


Dansani's square mirrors are available both with and without built-in lighting. We have several mirrors that have light fields on the mirror – just look at the beautiful Panorama mirror or the Level mirror for example. The Repeat mirror also has light fields at the top and bottom and then of course there is the beautiful Show mirror which has a square light frame all the way around the mirror.

The beautiful Glow mirror is backlit and this square mirror has rounded corners for a softer, gentler look.

For our other square mirrors lights are optional. These light fittings are LED models and illuminate the square bathroom mirrors both with high quality yet atmospheric lighting. Good task lighting is important in the bathroom as this is where you shave and apply make-up.

Most of our square mirrors have built-in lighting control which means you can adjust both the strength and warmth of your light directly from the mirror. This makes it easier for you, for example, in the morning when you need good working light and then you can adjust it in the evening when a softer and more comfortable light prepares you for a good night's sleep.


Have you seen our version of the Select mirror with black frame? This beautiful mirror is square with a black frame and is available in several sizes to suit your bathroom. The mirror is also available without a frame so the choice is yours. You can add light fittings to the mirror but this square mirror can also be used without lighting.

However if you are looking for other mirrors with a frame check out our round and oval mirrors where the Moon model has a beautiful frame in 3 different finishes.

A square mirror without a frame gives a nice, clean look to your bathroom and you can get a square mirror in many different sizes.

If you have the space and need a large square mirror you will of course also find it here. We have mirrors up to 160cm wide so if you have plenty of wall space in your bathroom you can find a large square mirror here from Dansani.

Square bathroom mirrors are popular in the bathroom and for good reason. A square mirror has a large mirror surface so more people can see themselves in the bathroom at the same time. A square mirror is perfect for families where a couple of people brush their teeth at the same time and it's also easy to clean afterwards.

So remember that on this page you'll find both large square mirrors and small square mirrors that you will need to complete your bathroom interior design. If you want to read more about mirrors and learn more you can click here.


The size of a square bathroom mirror depends on several factors such as the size of the bathroom, the size of the basin and your personal preferences. If the basin is wide a larger mirror may look good while a smaller mirror will work better over a smaller basin. It's also important to consider the proportions of the room and the placement of other elements in the bathroom such as lighting and shelves.


Square mirrors have a classic and timeless design that fits in most bathrooms. It's a safe choice if you want a mirror that won't go out of fashion. Dansani's square mirrors are simple and clean in their design giving a minimalist and modern aesthetic. This can be particularly appealing if you want to create a minimalist and elegant look in your bathroom.


You should place the mirror where it makes the most sense for you and your bathroom. A good rule of thumb is to place the centre of the mirror at the eye level of the person who will use it the most. For most adults this means placing the centre of the mirror about 150cm above the floor. But this can vary depending on your height and preferences.