Remember the clean, uncluttered worktop you envisaged. Where only a soap dispenser was planned, now the worktop is an unorganised collection of tubs, tubes & bottles. Functional bathroom accessories can in this scenario become your new best friend. We have collated some tips and tricks to keep order in the bathroom and make it easy to clean.

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Arrange your drawers and cabinets

Use cabinets, units and drawers for storage

Make sure to have plenty of space in cabinets, units and drawers to keep your bathroom essentials inside and the dust outside. If you don’t have space for a tall unit, be creative and find space for wall hung units in other places, e.g. over the toilet, radiator or behind the door.

Fill up your cabinets, units and drawers with practical bathroom accessories and make your daily life easier.

Get a storage system in the drawers and practical accessories for the bathroom

Instead of a vanity unit with doors choose solutions with drawers so you do not have to rummage for items at the bottom. Use dividers and trays to compartmentalise the drawers into smaller spaces so that everything has its right place. Use either those you already have, or search for specific bathroom accessories. But remember to choose something that is easy to maintain and suitable for the bathroom.

Avoid CLUTTER in the drawers

With anti-slip rubber mats, you can be sure that your belongings stay in place even if you are a little heavy-handed opening and closing the drawer. Plus the bottom of the drawer is also protected against scratches and wear. The rubber mats can easily be removed from the drawer to be cleaned, and can be combined with other bathroom accessories, such as trays and dividers. Delivered as standard in the YOU, Luna, Calidris series

Take advantage of the space in your cabinets and units with great bathroom accessories

Choose functional pull-out trays that create a good overview of the smaller items in your cabinets and units.

If there is no free worktop space you can purchase moveable trays which can be fitted on the inside of the tall unit door. Then you can easily bring your belongings to the basin for use. Small wooden trays can be stacked inside the cabinets and units, so that you can make use of the space for optimal storage.

Small but superb bathroom accessories for your smallER items and make-up


It works in the kitchen so why not introduce it to the bathroom? Use magnets for small metal items such as nail files, scissors and tweezers. Afterwards they are always easy to find – and fun for the kids to put away after use.

Make-up holders

Use the make-up holders for everything from tubes to brushes as they fit perfectly into the trays. Avoid any discolouration from make-up spills in the drawers and cabinets you and can take the tray out when you wish to use the contents.

Get the laundry off the floor

It’s just quicker and easier to clean a floor free of obstruction. Fit the laundry basket on the wall but remember to choose a solution where you can remove the basket when you wash the clothes.
If you have space left over in a cabinet, you can choose to install the laundry basket inside, so the laundry is completely out of sight.