The family bathroom with SPACE for everyone

Do you have a family bathroom that you want to turn into an oasis of well-being? Have you a big family where everyone competes for the bathroom at the same time?

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Get creative in the family bathroom

When many people use the same bathroom there is a scramble at busy times of the day. The shower, basin and mirror are areas where crowding occurs when the whole family is rushing to get out the door. Don’t despair – here comes some help.

There are lots of ways to design a family bathroom so it is just a question of being creative. We have assembled some hints and ideas to make the best use of your larger bathroom combining aesthetics and efficiency too.

IncreaseD efficiency in the bathroom

Most families with only one bathroom know the problem when the basin and shower become a battle zone in the mornings with everyone jostling for position to get ready and get out the door. We hope we can give you some inspiration so you can optimise the layout of your bathroom and the whole family can spend their time in it more efficiently.

One side for each person

If you have a family bathroom with plenty of storage space then it is a good idea to allocate drawers and cabinets so everyone has a defined place for the things they use. It is more practical when a number of people use the bathroom at the same time because with your belongings in the usual place they are easier to find and get you out the door faster. Remember when allocating space that those who are in the bathroom together should each have their own area so they don’t get in each other’s way.

Be creative and make extra storage space

Have you considered how many practical items you can store in the bathroom?

Not just the obvious things like toiletries and electrical items. The bathroom is also a logical place to keep towels, cleaning products, baby equipment, nightclothes and so on. Or allow yourself the luxury of having your underwear and socks in the bathroom so you can hop into them straight after bathing.

Extra storage space with tall cabinets and base cabinets

The traditional way of creating extra storage space is a tall cabinet, a wall cabinet or a base unit on the wall near the basin. However, there is often some unused space in the room, perhaps behind the door, or over the toilet or radiator. Why not fit a wall cabinet over the toilet so the toilet rolls are handy? A tall cabinet, base unit or wall cabinet can provide extra space no matter what size your family bathroom is.