Working for Dansani

With us you're allowed to spend your WHOLE working day in the bathroom!

Based on the Danish tradition of design, quality and functionality, we manufacture, market and sell bathroom products. We take great pride in manufacturing top quality products - every time.

We focus on the same qualities when working at Dansani and helping Dansani to grow. We take a serious and professional approach to our work and attach great importance to high quality and to the fact that each employee's daily work helps to make a difference.

In order to achieve our ambitious goals, our work at Dansani is based on a number of critical success factors. The individual departments establish specific benchmarks based on these to ensure that everyone makes a positive contribution to the development of Dansani.

However, we believe in keeping things informal. We think that working at Dansani should be exciting, challenging and interesting. Dansani should be a great place to work - better than most.

Working environment given high priority

At Dansani, we offer an informal and friendly workplace with a pleasant working environment and we believe it is important that each and every one of us is given the opportunity to develop - both personally and professionally. We therefore also attach great importance to training and enjoyable working conditions for our employees.

Interdisciplinary cooperation is important to ensure that, together, we can achieve the business goals we have established.

When you join Dansani, you will be offered an induction programme to help you get off to the right start and get to know Dansani and your colleagues.

Our headquarters are located in Haderslev and we have subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and England. We employ 180 people, who are focused on Danish design and high quality.


Find information about our personal data policy for employees here.