UN Sustainable Development Goals

Dansani is adapting its strategy to tie in with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We have identified four goals which enable us to contribute globally in the most profitable way, and we are continually working on more of the goals.

3 Good health and well-being
7 Affordable and clean energy
8 Decent work and economic growth
12 Responsible consumption and production

Dansani is working to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015 the UN Summit Meeting adopted 17 goals for sustainable development in the world up to the year 2030. By adopting the Sustainable Development Goals, the countries of the world have committed themselves to achieving 17 ambitious goals intended to guide both rich and poor countries in the struggle to combat inequality, tackle the challenges of climate change, erase poverty, and create better conditions in the form of health, education, growth and work for all. Thus the UN Sustainable Development Goals express our shared global responsibility and represent the goals for world society to create a better world.


At Dansani we seek to promote and maintain our employees’ health with a high level of well-being. Among other things, we create fair jobs which, even though we need to create economic growth, do not tire our employees out unnecessarily. As a workplace, we avoid this fatigue by reducing risks of dissatisfaction, stress and absence due to illness.

  • We provide a canteen scheme, with focus on healthy food and socialising across different departments
  • We provide a health scheme under which individual counselling and treatment are available
  • We support health-promoting activities such as running and cycling
  • We have a policy on smoking, under which employees are encouraged not to smoke
  • We organise a joint study trip each year, to gather professional inspiration, strengthen the community spirit and carry out a physical activity
  • We strive constantly to minimise noise nuisance in our production and administrative facilities, and we have drawn up guidelines to reduce noise nuisance in open-plan offices
  • We have many large windows in both office and factory premises, with a natural inflow of light and LED lighting to provide good circadian rhythm


At Dansani we consider it a matter of course that we take responsibility for the environment. That is why we continually take action in various ways to reduce our impact on the environment and climate.

Our main areas of focus are:

  • Developing our products so that their environmental impact is minimised in production, during use, and, not least, when the products are disposed of
  • Designing quality products based on Danish traditions of craftsmanship that we are proud of, which can really stand up to many years of use. Buying quality products with a longer lifespan reduces environmental impact from frequent replacements
  • Using raw materials, water and energy efficiently to reduce our impact on the environment
  • Limiting emissions, waste and discharges from our activities
  • Maintaining high safety standards for our employees and promoting responsible attitudes to the environment
  • Improving our efforts for the environment in collaboration with our employees, suppliers, customers and other business partners


We ensure an optimal physical and mental working environment for employees, which means we also work directly to increase safety and avoid accidents at work.

  • We include employees from all levels of society, and we have many different ethnic cultures in our organisation
  • We employ people with psychological, physical or social challenges, e.g. in flexible-hours jobs or other forms of light work
  • Dansani employees are secured decent working conditions and pay terms in accordance with current legislation in the area
  • All employees and managers are invited to an annual performance appraisal interview, at which they make a personal action plan for the period ahead
  • Regular departmental meetings and staff meetings are held, to keep employees well-balanced
  • We transfer working capacity in periods of reduced activity, instead of resorting to dismissals
  • We offer job rotation in positions where it is possible
  • We offer jobs for seniors whenever possible
  • We carry out spot checks among our suppliers to make sure that they also provide fair jobs


At Dansani we aim to minimise the environmental impact of manufacturing our products. We use raw materials, water and energy efficiently to reduce our impact on the environment. We limit emissions, waste and discharges from our activities as far as possible.

We are constantly looking for new ways of making our products and production methods more environment friendly.

  • We have installed movement sensors that minimise the electricity consumption of lighting our various facilities
  • We have increased the levels of insulation and reduced heat consumption in our warehouses
  • We recover heat in our production facilities
  • 95% of all waste from production is sorted for re-use
  • We voluntarily run an accounting system for waste, to reduce our use of resources as much as possible
  • We minimise our use of cardboard and use recyclable and recycled cardboard as packaging for our products
  • We turn off computers and computer screens when they are not in use
  • We make it easy to separate out electrical components from our products, so that only a minimal amount has to be treated as waste electronic scrap
  • We limit the content of chemicals and hazardous substances in electrical materials in our products
  • In our products we only use wood and wood fibre components from managed forests in the EU where there are rules about replanting