Keep the order with functional bathroom accessories

Remember the clean, uncluttered worktop you envisaged. Where only a soap dispenser was planned, now the worktop is an unorganised collection of tubs, tubes & bottles. Functional bathroom accessories can in this connection become your new best friend.

We have collated some tips and tricks to keep order in the bathroom and make it easy to clean.

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Arrange your drawers and cabinets

Use cabinets, units and drawers for storage

Make sure to have plenty of space in cabinets, units and drawers to keep bathroom items inside and the dust outside. If you don’t have space for a tall unit, be creative and find space for wall hung units in other places, e.g. over the toilet, heater or behind the door.

Fill up your cabinets, units and drawers with practical bathroom accessories and make your daily life easier.

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Get a storage system in the drawers and practical accessories for the bathroom

Instead of a vanity unit with doors choose solutions with drawers so you do not have to rummage for items at the bottom. Use dividers and trays to compartmentalise the drawers into smaller spaces so that everything has its right place. Use either those you already have, or search for specific bathroom accessories. But remember to choose something that is easy to maintain and suitable for the bathroom.

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Avoid mess in the drawers

With anti-slip rubber mats, you can be sure that your belongings stay in place even if you are a little heavy-handed opening and closing the drawer. Plus the bottom of the drawer is also protected against scratches and wear. The rubber mats can easily be removed from the drawer to be cleaned, and can be combined with other bathroom accessories, such as trays and dividers. Delivered as standard in the YOU, Luna, Calidris and Curvo series

Take advantage of the space in your cabinets and units with great bathroom accessories

Choose functional pull-out trays that create a good overview of the smaller items in your cabinets and units. If there is no free worktop space you can purchase moveable trays which can be fitted on the inside of the tall unit door. Then you can easily bring your belongings to the basin for use. Small wooden trays can be stacked inside the cabinets and units, so that you can make use of the space for optimum storage.

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Create atmosphere with your lighting

Integrated lighting gives a better overview and creates atmosphere

You can choose comfortable LED-lighting to the drawers as bathroom accessories which both create atmosphere and make your drawers inviting. The light is angled at 45 degrees to provide optimum light in the drawer while also not shining directly into your eyes. Add lighting when you choose a vanity unit.

Integrated LED-lighting can also be added to mirror cabinets and side cabinets so you can get a better overview of your belongings. Find things without turning on the ceiling light. Add light when you order your cabinet.

Get a dimmed and comfortable light when using the bathroom at night

Among our bathroom accessories you will find underlight for the vanity units. You can easily move around the bathroom at night and avoid turning on the bright ceiling light which can rouse you from your slumber. It’s a nice feature when you have small children. In addition to being practical, the light also adds to an inviting atmosphere in the bathroom. Add integrated lighting when you choose your vanity unit.

Shine a good light on all activities in your bathroom

Light plays an important role for our health and well-being, and it is proven that good light increases our quality of life.
In the bathroom good light is extra important, especially when putting on your make-up. No woman wants to put on make-up which looks perfect in the mirror but appears totally different in daylight. As a man you want to be sure that your shave is perfect.

Therefore, it is important to choose the best lighting not only for the mirrors and mirror cabinets, but also for the rest of the bathroom. To create the perfect lighting solution in your bathroom with the optimum lighting conditions you can choose pendants, spots and ceiling lights matching the lights on the mirrors and mirror cabinets.

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Bubble light

The new Bubble light is not just beautiful but is also adjustable in all directions.

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Soft shape

The round shape of the new Bright light is on-trend with current styles for soft shapes, and the really clever thing is that the same light can be used as a mirror, wall or pendant light.

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Various accessories

Small but superb bathroom accessories for your small items and make-up

It works in the kitchen so why not introduce it in the bathroom? Use magnets for small metal items such as nail files, scissors and tweezers. Afterwards they are always easy to find – and fun for the kids to put away after use.

Use the make-up holders for everything from tubes to brushes as they fit perfectly into the trays. Avoid the discolouration from make-up spills in the drawers and cabinets and can take the tray out when you wish to use the contents.

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Get the laundry off the floor

It’s just quicker and easier to clean a floor free of obstacles. Fit the laundry basket on the wall but remember to choose a solution where you can remove the basket when you wash the clothes.
If you have space left over in a unit, you can choose to install the laundry basket in the cabinet, so the laundry is completely out of sight.

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Create comfort with functional shelves

A nice bathroom exudes comfort, and few of us associate a clinical and sterile room with comfort. Design your bathroom with great bathroom accessories such as small simple shelves or baskets to keep select knick-knacks and help create atmosphere. Choose between different options, e.g. a flexible shelf, which can create a clean, modern and minimalist look, giving your bathroom a personal touch. The shelf can be arranged in several ways to make use for use with small items, towels or small things.

With floating shelves in the same colour as your furniture you can place various ornaments or accessories in the bathroom and create your own personal layout. The shelves have concealed fittings so they appear to float on the wall. The shelves can also be used if you lack more space for small items that you use often, e.g. next to the mirror.

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New look

The Illumi shelf with its black edge and tinted glass fits perfectly into the asymmetrical setting where Illumi extends beyond the furniture.
It’s new and inspiring.

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Smart Chic mirror shelf

This is how smart and simple it can be - the nifty little Chic metal shelf floats in front of the mirror and is perfect for holding accessories or your favourite diffuser.

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Present mirror

Create extra effect with the Present mirror and accompanying shelf. Mirrors for decoration are another trend and the tinted effect on both mirror and shelf helps create the look in this bathroom.

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Always have warm towels available

Use electrical towel warmers that dry your towels and leave them warm and comfortable for an increased feeling of well-being in the bathroom. A timer makes it easy for you to set when and for how long the towels should dry. In that way you ensure that you always have warm and dry towels when you need them. At the same time, you can help protect the environment, as the towel warmers should not be turned on all the time.

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Mobile and practical towel racks – to fit all rooms

The mobile towel rack is part of our decorative bathroom accessories that meet the need for storage of wet towels. If you need space, you can place it in the shower area when this is not in use. You can also place it in the bedroom and use it as an extra clothes rack, so washed clothes can be aired before you hang them in the cabinet.

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Do you want to see the smallest detail of your face?

With our elegant and functional makeup mirror on stand you can see all the details of your face, when you put on your makeup, pluck your eyebrows etc. The mirror has built-in LED light that lightens up your face and magnifies 5 times.

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