Shower ENCLOSUREs and shower screens to meet any requirements

What could be better than waking in the morning, taking a shower and letting the water wash the sleep away? Or in the evening, when a warm bath can help you relax? Dansani supplies a lot more than furniture for the bathroom: we have shower enclosures, shower screens, fixed shower panels and recessed showers that you can enjoy at any time of day. With our selection you get a harmonious room where the shower is in tune with the design and proportions in the rest of the room.

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Luckily, even if your bathroom is not very large, you can still design a layout so that you don’t need to edge your way in and out and compromise on wants or requirements.

Explore our Match series, which consists of 6 basic models, and XXL shower range, which includes the Classic and Deluxe models. You can get an overall idea of the different options available for shower enclosures and shower screens in relation to size, design and price.

Dansani Match shower

Create a shower solution that fits perfectly to your bathroom, no matter its size and shape

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Dansani XXL shower

Large, user-friendly sliding door solution with a functional design

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NOT ALL Glass is the same when lookING at shower screens

All our shower enclosures and shower screens are made of toughened glass that is 5-6 times stronger than ordinary glass, so you and your family are safe if, against all expectations, it should fail. The toughened glass in our shower enclosures and shower screens will shatter into thousands of harmless pieces, unlike ordinary glass, which cracks into larger shards.

Clear glass shower doors allow the shower screen to merge seamlessly with the rest of the bathroom, giving you a transparent look.

With frosted glass the shower screen becomes semi-transparent, yet still lets the light through, while it conceals the shower occupant. A selection of shower solutions are available in both clear and frosted glass.

EasyCare is much easier to clean

With a Dansani shower enclosure or shower screen you have a fine, clear glass surface that is easy to clean.
EasyCare is a German, environmentally-friendly product, which is certified by the independent laboratory SGS Institute Fresenius in accordance with the OECD Guideline 2009. Dansani's Match Shower series is coated with the tough and environmentally-friendly EasyCare treatment as standard, making it harder for dirt and limescale to deposit. Even after the glass has been wiped 30,000 times. Just wipe the glass with a soft cloth after use, and your glass will continue to look great for many years to come.

tower shelf

Simple & elegant shower storage unit with 5 moveable shelves. Easily combined with Match shower doors, so you can keep track of soap, shampoo and everything else you need in the shower. Simply choose a 10cm shorter shower door model to allow space for Tower. The shelf is reversible.


Use electrical towel warmers that dry your towels and leave them warm and comfortable for an increased feeling of well-being in the bathroom. A timer makes it easy for you to set when and for how long the towels should dry. In that way you ensure that you always have warm and dry towels when you need them. At the same time, you can help protect the environment, as the towel warmers should not be left turned on all the time.

Choose the optimAL shower solution

Whether your bathroom is large or small, we have shower enclosures and shower screens that are perfect for the space you have.

Space for a recessED shower in a small bathroom

Having elbow room in the shower makes all the difference to the feeling of well-being under the hot water. In a small bathroom, folding shower doors are preferable, as they can be folded inwards to take up the minimum of space when you are not using the shower. This also solves the problem of water on the floor as the doors open inwards and the drips remain in the wet area, and it means you can use the floor space when the doors are folded in.

The shower for the whole family

You probably know all about it…. that rush for the bathroom in the morning, when the whole family wants to get ready at the same time. Here is some inspiration for fitting out a big bathroom.

Make the best possible use of the space

Dansani supplies shower enclosures, shower screens, fixed shower panels and recessed showers that make the best possible use of the floor area in your bathroom.



No matter what shape your bathroom is, it is always possible to find a suitable position for a shower screen.