Small bathroom ideas for optimum decoration

Do you aspire to a large master bathroom but are restricted by the space available? Then look here to get small bathroom ideas using innovative products to make your bathroom a stylish place to linger with plenty of storage space and practical solutions.

Fortunately even if your bathroom is not big there are many design options so you don’t have to compromise on your wishes and needs.
More of us are swapping bigger family homes for the freedom of living centrally without the financial burden. But when your family must share the smaller area then creativity must work alongside both the practical requirements and the design brief. Here we pick up the challenge for the smaller bathroom and give some creative ideas on how to maximise space while ensuring your well-being is part of the design in a more restricted area.

Dansani’s different ranges offer smart and functional solutions with many small bathroom ideas, so that you are sure to find a space-saving solution to match your design wishes & expectations.
It is a question of exploring our large range of products and how we can inspire small bathroom ideas.

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Tips and tricks

The short-projection basin

Choosing the right basin when space is limited is crucial. It must take up as little space as possible in the room but at the same time be functional and easy to maintain. If you choose a short-projection basin with a deep bowl you get the space to wash your hands properly and handle a forceful flow of water without ending up with water all over the floor. When choosing your vanity unit it is recommended to use the maximum wall space available rather than a model that might only be designed to hide the bottle trap or pipework. Even an extra 300 millimetres gives enough room for storage of bulkier bathroom items such as wc rolls and cleaning products.

At Dansani we have many different short-projection basins and many styles have narrower width options also. This is relevant both in very small bathrooms and in longer narrow rooms.

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Optimal organisation of your cabinets, units and drawers

Make full use of every square millimetre of space with small bathroom ideas such as our wooden dividers and small trays to compartmentalise the drawers – thereby avoiding clutter & mess. You can also create your own or search for suitable ones but remember to choose models that are easy to clean and that can withstand moisture & humidity in a bathroom environment.

If you have space leftover in a unit or cabinet our laundry bag is suitable for many models so that dust collecting laundry is completely out of sight.

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Enlarge the room with more mirrors

More mirrors in the room is one of the small bathroom ideas that makes the room appear visually bigger. Choose wall units with mirror doors or perhaps even a mirror cabinet with lighting for additional storage. With a full length or dress mirror you also get the opportunity to view yourself one last time before you rush out on a busy Monday morning.

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Make full use of the space between mirror and basin

If space for your smaller everyday bathroom items is limited then fit a shelf between the mirror and basin. However, you should ensure the shelf is suitable for use in a bathroom environment where moisture & humidity are inevitable.

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Make space for storage

Use the space with wall units

Break with tradition and place your units in the space where they should be. The area above the toilet is perfect and often not used.  If you choose wall units with a slimmer depth you can still get plenty of storage space without the risk of hitting your head when you stand up. With small bathroom ideas such as asymmetric solutions you can still create an airy feel within your design.

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Make full use of the wall space and get extra storage

Using a vanity unit with the extra height of 64cm can make use of the wall space under the basin providing additional storage for among other things towels and cleaning products which usually would not fit in the lower drawers. For small bathroom ideas in a narrow but longer bathroom you can choose a smaller basin and make full use of the wall space with a tall unit for additional storage. If your bathroom is very narrow you can place two wall units of slimmer depth on top of each other so that they do not take up much space in the room.

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Use the mirror for storage

If you choose a mirror cabinet instead of a mirror you can store all your smaller everyday bathroom items within easy reach. The layout of our mirror cabinets is fully thought through and for small bathroom ideas we offer little details such as accessory magnets (e.g. for scissors and nail files), double-sided mirror doors, magnifying mirrors, integrated lighting and electric sockets which all means the space is the only thing being compromised on.

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