Dansani Luna - Fit out the entire bathroom, whatever its shape or size

Don’t be put off by odd corners, a sloping ceiling, projections, or small, narrow spaces that are difficult to fit into. With Dansani Luna you can make use of every centimetre in your bathroom regardless of shape or size. The comprehensive range of basins, mirrors, cabinets and solutions that can easily be specially adapted will give you freedom to exploit all the space and furnish the whole of your bathroom.

For the little finishing touches, Dansani Luna provides extra comfort with a wide selection of attractive and functional accessories that look good and make daily life easier in the bathroom.

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Which basin suits your needs?

Solid and practical or sculptured countertop?

Modern basins tickle all senses. The basin models from Dansani Luna are available in a wide range of looks, styles and materials. You can choose between many different standard sizes and basin solutions with a length of up to 275 cm.

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Choose your vanity unit

Dansani Luna vanity units can be adapted to any room and to your needs. If you need a wide washing area for all the family, you can choose a cabinet solution with 2 or more drawers. If you only have space for a small basin, you can choose a tall vanity unit and make use of the wall space under the basin. In a narrow bathroom you can give priority to floor space by choosing short-projection vanity units.

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Your personal bathroom

Play with the different possibilities, because Dansani Luna gives you plenty of choice. That also applies to details like surfaces, colours and handles that add that little extra touch to give your bathroom personality and edge. Choose between surfaces in different colours and materials, combined with attractive, integrated handles, stylish handles in different sizes and designs, or a push open solution with no handles at all.

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Add colour to your bathroom with a free choice of colours

If you want to add extra personality to your bathroom with an untraditional solution, you can create your own unique look with colour. Dansani Luna lets you choose precisely the matt colour you want, from many different standard colours in two systems: NCS and RAL. You just pay a once-only colour set-up fee for each colour, regardless of how many products you order.

To give you some inspiration, our designers have chosen some interior colours in line with the latest decorating trends right now.

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Choose the right mirror solution

With Dansani Luna a mirror is not just a mirror. Our mirrors and mirror cabinets are well-thought-out, functional solutions with built-in LED lighting and attractive LED lamps.You get good light to work by from several angles, and indirect light on walls and the ceiling. There are fewer contrasts, so you can focus better on the details, e.g. when applying make-up or shaving.

All mirror cabinets have double-sided mirror doors, so you can see yourself from all angles, and you can supplement with functional accessories that make it an even greater pleasure to use them. The choice of mirrors includes rectangular models with a good height and large reflecting surface, and round mirrors in different sizes. All mirrors can be supplied with an anti-mist pad to reduce steaming up.

Most Dansani Luna mirrors and mirror cabinets are fitted with touch control on a built-in touch panel, so you can set the colour and light intensity yourself.

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Perfect lighting – day and night

Your bathroom is supposed to create well-being day and night. A place with comfortable lighting, no matter whether you are getting ready to go to bed or applying your makeup in the morning. Using Dansani Luna our lighting accessories for mirrors, drawers and cabinets, you can adjust the light to make it fit perfectly, no matter the hour and your tasks in the bathroom.

With the lighting collections from Dansani Luna, you can create uniformity throughout the bathroom interior design by using ceiling spots and pendant lights that match the light fittings of your mirror solution. All our lights are designed for the bathroom and they are approved for use in wet rooms in accordance with the standard IP44.

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Make the best use of the room with a worktop solution

With Dansani Luna it is easy to see the shape of the room as an opportunity instead of a limitation. As an example, you can use the space underneath the sloping wall or the entire width of a wall using a wall-to-wall solution. Choose between various standard sizes or get a bespoke worktop solution that fits the off-square room angles and your bathroom perfectly. Use our worktop solutions along with one or more countertop basins or even without a basin as a sideboard or a shelving unit.

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Use the walls for storage

Bathrooms rarely offer a lot of wall space so if you’d like to prioritise storage space, you can go for a shorter basin and use the wall height instead. Choose a spacious tall cabinet and place a wall cabinet above the toilet or the heater.

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Keep everything tidy and add atmosphere with functional accessories

Make sure that your Dansani Luna cabinets and drawers are always tidy by using enjoyable accessories that increase your user experience and makes it easy for you to keep the bathroom nice and clean.

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More Dansani product series
Besides Dansani Luna we supply other series of bathroom furnishings and showers in different price ranges and designs, so we can probably meet all your needs and wishes.

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Short of inspiration?
We have collected loads of useful tips and ideas about how you can fit out your new bathroom. See for instance how to manage sloping walls or get the most out of the space in a small room. We also focus on good light to work by in a bathroom, and how to get extra comfort with beautiful accessories. Check out the many possibilities for fitting showers, too.

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Solid Surface BASINS

Solid Surface basins are made from a robust composite material with a waterproof surface that is easy to clean.
Please note: The slim basin design means the basin must be supported by furniture under the full width.


Dansani porcelain basins are manufactured from genuine sanitary porcelain, a strong, glazed ceramic material. When fired at approx. 1220°C, the glaze melts to form a hard, smooth and glossy surface which is easy to clean.


These basins come without overflow. Unless a concealed overflow system is purchased (not suitable for Circle and Stadium) we recommend that a free flowing waste should be installed.


Silestone® consists of more than 90 % natural quartz, and the surface is hard-wearing and easy to clean.


All Luna laminate worktops are made of 25 mm laminate-covered chipboard with ABS edges.


Price group #1:
Cabinets in white matt, white gloss, grey matt, Nordic oak, brown oak, black oak and ash grey are made of 16 mm smooth, melamine-coated particle board with ABS edges. Cabinets in white matt with integrated handles and in black matt with integrated handles consist of 16 mm MDF wood fibreboards coated with foil.

Price group #2:
Cabinets in black rubber and white matt, are lacquered with moisture-resistant, two-component polyurethane lacquer. Custom colour is lacquered with a matt colour from the NCS standard colour assortment or RAL Classic K7 chart.

Price group #3:
Cabinets in a custom colour is lacquered with a matt colour from the NCS standard colour assortment or RAL Classic K7 chart.

The cabinets of all ranges are delivered together with rear panels and adjustable brackets for wall mounting. The cabinets are delivered as standard with aluminium finished bases and rear panels. Tall cabinets, wall cabinets and base cabinets are also delivered as standard with 4 mm glass shelves with polished edges.
Optional extras are available such as push-open on selected cabinets and built-in LED light inside the cabinets, laundry bags and wooden trays.


Price group #1:
Smooth doors and fronts in white matt, white gloss, grey matt, Nordic oak, brown oak and ash grey are made of 18 mm MDF wood fibreboards coated with foil and brown oak and black oak is 19 mm laminate-covered chipboard. Fronts with integrated handles in white matt and black matt consist of 22 mm MDF wood fibreboards coated with foil.

Price group #2:
Doors and fronts in black rubber and white matt, are lacquered with a moisture-resistant, two-component polyurethane lacquer, and all fronts are delivered with integrated handles. Custom colour is lacquered with a matt colour from the NCS standard colour assortment or RAL Classic K7 chart.

Price group #3:
Doors and fronts in a customer-chosen colour is lacquered with a matt colour from the NCS standard colour assortment or RAL Classic K7 chart.
All doors are fitted with metal clip hinges that can be adjusted in 3 directions. The doors are fitted with exclusive dampers that ensure that the doors close softly and silently.


The drawers have metal sides with concealed drawer runners. They are fully extendable, self-closing and have a soft-close function. The top drawer features a cut-out for waste fittings. The drawers are fully adjustable. Rubber mats are standard equipment in all drawers. Optional extras such as LED light profiles between basin and vanity unit, LED lighting in drawers, wooden trays, handles and push-open kit are available.


As standard, the Show mirror comes with an anti-mist pad with a separate switch while a pre-installed anti-mist pad can be purchased for other mirrors, and is controlled on and off with the light. Frames for mirrors in white and black are made in powder-coated aluminium while the brass look is anodised aluminium. All mirrors come with adjustable fittings for the perfect result. All mirrors are IP44-approved.


All mirror cabinets come with lighting control, an electric socket and a twin USB port. The double-sided mirror doors have adjustable hinges. A round 5x magnifying mirror which can be placed on the inside of the door is included. Mirror cabinets are a melamine-covered chipboard with 4 mm movable glass shelves. All mirror cabinets are IP44-approved. Underlights to provide light onto the basin area and interior lights are available as extras for selected mirror cabinets. Wooden trays for small items are available as extras for mirror cabinets.


Wireless lighting control may be added to mirrors and mirror cabinets so that they can control other mirrors and mirror cabinets with a wireless lighting control device. Plus ceiling lights and pendants with lighting control and a wireless receiver can also be linked. The control is shared so that two mirrors or mirror cabinets can control each other’s lights.
The wireless system is a closed 2.4 GHZ system that does not require Internet access or a router or create interference with other wireless systems.


The Jupiter ceiling light and the Jupiter and Lyra pendants are available in two designs:

  1. 230V system with a set colour temperature of 3,150 Kelvin that can be dimmed by using a trailing edge dimmer at the switch for the room lighting.
  2. 12V system with dimming and colour temperature from 2,100-6,500 Kelvin controlled from the mirror or mirror cabinet. NB: Requires a Dansani wireless receiver built into the ceiling to control up to 5 ceiling lights/pendants. If more ceiling lights/pendants are required more wireless receivers must be purchased.


Additional lights running the width of the drawer with a set colour temperature of 3,150 Kelvin automatically turn on when the drawer is opened and are angled downwards into the open drawer to avoid dazzling the user. The drawer lights are IP44-approved.


Underlights in vanity units have a built-in motion sensor on which the range and timer for the lights can be set. The light turns on automatically when motion is detected and is the perfect night light.
The sensor comes with a cable with one additional connection so that a side cabinet with underlight can be connected to the same sensor. The sensor can be purchased separately.


Can be downloaded by searching for the relevant product at the website or by requesting a printed copy.


Dansani develops its own LED lighting with low power consumption and very high quality light to reproduce colours correctly (Ra 90-95).
Dansani makes an effort to ensure a long life expectancy by designing lighting products so that drivers and LEDs can dissipate the heat, but it is important to note that the life expectancy is significantly reduced if the light is constantly left on.
All mirrors and mirror cabinets except for the Corona mirror come with 12V incremental lighting control from a very warm light of 2,100 Kelvin to a cool light of 6,500 Kelvin and gradual dimming. The most recent setting is remembered when the light is turned off and remains off for a min. of 5 seconds.


At Dansani your safety is our priority. All the electrical components in our furniture have therefore been pre-fitted to guarantee safe installation. At the same time, we wish to give you an opportunity to maximise the use of the space in your bathroom. Consequently, we have a wide range of IP44-approved products so you can place your furniture as close as possible to water while retaining all the storage space you need.
All of our furniture with electrical components is also CE-certified with labels showing the product classification. We recommend that you have the installation carried out by an authorised electrician in compliance with current legislation.


Functional storage trays for drawers, which can also be moved elsewhere as required. The trays are made of solid oak. To maintain the wood we recommend our white pigmentation wood care-oil.


For furniture with plain fronts handles can be chosen from our large selection of designs and colors. Drilling for handles is an extra option.


Are included with all orders.


There is a 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects. On heated towel rails there is a 5 year warranty. Wearing parts are not covered by the warranty.
For further information regarding quality and tolerances please visit this page.


The ranges are produced to order. Therefore we have a lead time of 2 weeks. Time of delivery for cabinets in bespoke colours is 5 weeks.

  • Always indicate carcass colour.
  • Remember accessories e.g. towel rails, trays for drawers and handles.

Lead time for made to measure basins is 6 weeks.


Please read the fitting instructions carefully before commencing to fit the furniture. All plumbing work should be done by a competent plumber. Please note that the dimensions of the washbasins are subject to variation within the margins indicated. Fitting of the product signifies acceptance of the quality.


Please always read the folder (enclosed with the furniture on delivery) which contains advice and instructions on the maintenance of your furniture. Always read the instructions and declaration of contents of any cleaning agents before you use them on your new furniture. Cleaning materials containing abrasives and strong acids should not be used. Please make sure that wash basin and furniture are dried after use. This will make the cleaning easier and avoids your furniture being damaged by moisture.


Dansani reserve the right to make any alteration to the products and make product improvements without prior notice. Dansani cannot be held liable for errors due to misprints. Dansani have an ongoing policy of design, development and improvement , we therefore reserve the right to modify specification and prices without prior notice. Special orders and furniture that has been fitted cannot be returned. 

Installation measurements can be found by searching for the specific product. This is possible in two ways depending on the detail you have:

  1. Type the article number in the search field at the top of the homepage
  2. Under the menu "Find products" you can filter to the required product

When you have identified the product choose "Read more" and afterwards choose "Installation, mounting and maintenance" and download the specific measurements.

Fitting instructions can be found by searching for the specific products. This is possible in two ways depending on the detail you have:

  1. Type the article number in the search field at the top of the homepage
  2. Under the menu "Find products" you can filter to the required product

When you have identified the product choose "Read more" and afterwards choose "Installation, mounting and maintenance" and download the specific measurements.

If you need to take a look at our fitting videos, you can find them here.

Maintenance instructions can be found by searching for the specific products. This is possible in two ways depending on the detail you have:

  1. Type the article number in the search field at the top of the homepage
  2. Under the menu "Find products" you can filter to the required product

When you have identified the product choose "Read more" and afterwards choose "Installation, mounting and maintenance" and download the specific instructions.