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Dansani Luna - Furnish the entire bathroom - whatever size and shape

The philosophy behind Dansani Luna is a complete, modular furniture system with endless combination options. The wide range of washbasins, mirrors, cabinets and accessories offers you the freedom of playing with your style and way of furnishing the bathroom.

Dansani Luna has it all and is the series full of variations and combination options – also with tailormade measures.

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Washbasins and Solid Surface tabletops – the modern alternative to porcelain and marble 
The new Solid Surface material opens up a world of new possibilities for creating a light, spacious bathroom with clean angles and minimal curves. We have exploited the properties of this material to create an all-new, sleek, slim Dansani design with a matt white finish.

Circular mirror with ambient illumination
The new back-lit circular mirror casts soft light on the wall, creating a lovely corona effect like the halo around the moon during a solar eclipse. The ambient light from the mirror is utterly elegant.

Luna fronts with classic white frame
The frame discreetly punctuates the smooth front, adding a slight edge that is perfectly in keeping with the classic look.

Light control 
For those who want to personally control the colour temperature of their light from the warmest to the coolest end of the spectrum, we now offer many of our mirrors and mirror cabinets with controllable lighting, which can also be dimmed. You can adjust the light to your needs and daily routines using a built-in touch panel with an on-off function as well as variable dimmers and colour temperature controls.

Product information about Dansani Luna


Solid Surface washbasins and tabletops

Solid Surface washbasins and tabletops are made from a robust composite material with a waterproof surface that is easy to clean. Please note: The slim washbasin design means the washbasin and tabletop must be supported by cabinets under the unit’s full breadth.

Test of Shape 

We have performed thorough tests on the new popular washbasins in Solid Surface. The test shows that the material is resistant to the following agents:

  • Chemicals such as acetone, hair bleaching agents and alcohol
  • Cosmetics and lotions
  • Other products which we use for cleaning and personal care in the bathroom
  • Coffee and vinegar

If you by accident spill these products you can relatively easy remove these agents with either water, gentle cleaning agents or Dansani Clean & Shine polish. Nail polish can be removed with acetone.

Solid Surface materials are not resistant to scratches, and your nail file, nail clipper etc. can produce scratches to surfaces.

Hair colouring products left to dry, cannot be removed so we recommend that you do not use near the washbasin.


Dansani porcelain washbasins are manufactured from genuine sanitary porcelain, a strong, glazed ceramic material. When fired at approx. 1220°C, the glaze melts to form a hard, smooth and glossy surface which is easy to clean.


The marble washbasins are made from mineral powder, polyester and binding agents. The washbasins are cast in solid moulds and surface treated with clear gelcoat. For cleaning, we recommend Dansani Clean & Shine.


Dansani glasvaske er nemme at rengøre og overfladen er resistent overfor almindelige kemikalier. Vaskene er hvidlakerede på bagsiden og fremstillet i en særlig krystalklar glas, der er Dansani glass washbasins are easy to clean and resistant to normal cleaning agents. The basins have white lacquer on the underside and are produced in a special crystal clear glass finish with a much clearer appearance than standard glass due to less iron oxides in the glass itself.


These basins come without overflow. Unless a concealed overflow system is purchased (suitable for Canto, Fresco and Marcato only) we recommend that a free flowing waste should be installed.


16 mm plain, melamine-coated particle board with ABS edges. 

The cabinets of all series are delivered together with rear panels and adjustment brackets for wall mounting. The cabinets are delivered as standard with aluminium finished bases and rear panels. Tall units, wall units and base units are also delivered as standard with 5 mm glass shelves with polished edges.

Optional extras such as push-open in selected cabinets and built-in LED light inside the cabinets, laundry bags and wooden trays.


18 mm MDF wood fibre boards coated with foil. With frame: 16 + 3 mm MDF wood fibreboard coated with film.

All doors are fitted with metal clip hinges that can be adjusted in 3 directions. The doors are fitted with exclusive dampers that ensure that the doors close softly and silently.


The drawers have metal sides with concealed drawer runners. They are fully extendable, self-closing and have a soft-close function. The top drawer features a cut-out for waste fittings. The drawers are fully adjustable.

Optional extras such as LED light profiles between washbasin and cabinet, LED lighting in drawers, rubber mats in drawers, wooden trays, handles and push-open kit.


The mirrors are available with integrated LED lighting, as for framed mirrors or with different external lights. All mirrors are delivered together with wall fittings. Optional extrassuch as heat panels to reduce mist on the mirror can be purchased for selected models.


All mirror cabinets come as standard with integrated shaver point and pull cord switch and double-sided mirror doors with adjustable hinges and dampers that ensure that the doors close softly and silently. Tops, bases and rear panels are in alu look finish. Optional extras such as placing the shaver point on the left side, built-in energy-saving LED side lighting and LED underlights can be purchased for selected models.

Mirrors and mirror cabinets with adjustable light come with the 12 V lighting system that offers you the following options:

  1. Light control that remembers the last settings.
    • On-off function
    • Variable dimming with 4 pre-sets 
    • Variable colour temperature control of your light (2100 – 6500 K)* with 4 pre-sets
  2. Excellent colour rendering (Ra 90)

*) 2100K is a very warm, almost reddish light and 6500K is far colder, almost bluish.


Our ceiling lights come with the 350 mA lighting system, offering you the following advantages:

  1. Optimised quality and efficiency with high light output, low heat generation and long lifetime.
  2. Standardised light between room and product light sources creates uniform, harmonious lighting in the room (3150 K).
  3. Best colour rendering in the market (Ra 95+)


Room lighting

Our Venus and Jupiter ceiling lights and the Jupiter pendant are all part of the standard 350mA system with 3150K, but can also be dimmed by a dimmer switch. Further they can be combined with controllable-lighting products, but the light uniformity depends on the user’s settings.



Natural wickerwork around powder painted steel rack.


Functional storage trays for drawers, which can also be moved elsewhere as required. The trays are made of solid oak. To maintain the wood we recommend our white pigmentation wood care-oil.


The Luna series comes without handles, which can be ordered as optional extras from our wide range of handles each with their own design, colour and design expression.


Are included with all orders.


There is a 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Practical information


The Dansani Luna range is produced to order. Therefore we have a lead time of 2 weeks.

– Always indicate carcass colour.

– Remember accessories e.g. towel rails, trays for drawers, handles and wickerwork baskets.


Please read the fitting instructions carefully before commencing to fit the furniture. All plumbing work should be done by a competent plumber. Please note that the dimensions of the washbasins are subject to variation within the margins indicated. Fitting of the product signifies acceptance of the quality.


Please always read the folder (enclosed with the furniture on delivery) which contains advice and instructions on the maintenance of your furniture. Always read the instructions and declaration of contents of any cleaning agents before you use them on your new furniture. Cleaning materials containing abrasives and strong acids should not be used. Please make sure that wash basin and furniture are dried after use. This will make the cleaning easier and avoids your furniture being damaged by moisture.


Dansani reserve the right to make any alteration to the products and make product improvements without prior notice. Dansani cannot be held liable for errors due to misprints. Dansani have an ongoing policy of design, development and improvement , we therefore reserve the right to modify specification and prices without prior notice. Special orders and furniture that has been fitted cannot be returned. 

Installation measures

Installation dimensions for water connection and drain in the wall

Positioning of reinforcement and power outlet on the wall

Fitting instructions

502 Maintenance guide
531 Mirror cabinet with round circular lights
533 Framed mirror with light
545 Cut-out template for handles
554 Shelf including hidden brackets
557 Vanity unit with doors for Micro Menuet washbasins
654 Wall cabinet
677 Handling mirror doors
678 Shelving unit
700 Guidance for electrical products
880 Magnifying mirror
918 Piano washbasin - wall fitting
927 Waste and overflow kit for Cadenza washbasin
936 Fitting instruction and adjustment of mirror cabinet hinges
999 Laundry bag
1004 Vivo washbasin - wall fitting
1014 Mirror with integrated LED lighting
1050 Side cabinets
1051 Cut-out template for optional handle (not to scale, only guiding)
1056 Wooden trays for pull-out in tall units
1058 Jupiter and Venus LED lamps - fixation on mirror or mirror cabinet
1060 Plano and Stratos LED lamps - fixation on mirror or mirror cabinet
1065 Tall unit with mirror doors (50 cm width)
1066 Tall unit with mirror door (35 cm width)
1068 Metal shelf for mirror cabinet
1069 Mirror cabinet with mirror on the sides and integrated LED top lighting
1070 Mirror cabinet without lighting - additional choice of lamps
1070 Mirror cabinet with vertical lighting in the sides - additional choice of lamps
1071 Heat panel for mirror
1072 Vanity unit with drawers
1073 Vanity unit with doors
1077 Mirror without lighting - additional choice of LED lamps
1078 Light panel for vanity units
1079 Worktop for tabletop washbasins
1080 Tall unit
1086 Bottle trap, round
1087 Bottle trap, square
1088 Basin waste with overflow function
1089 Basin waste with push-open function
1091 Cover ring - cut-out for piping - Ø56mm
1092 Cover ring - cut-out for piping - Ø35mm
1095 Cut-out template for Canto washbasins
1096 Cut-out template for Piano washbasins
1097 Mirrors with external lamps
1103 Mirror cabinet with light in top and bottom
1105 Mirror with integrated lighting
1136 Jupiter celing spot
1139 Saturn lamp
1140 Push open
1141 Jupiter celing pendant
1220 Jupiter and Venus LED lamps - fixation on mirror or mirror cabinet
1221 Stratos LED lamps - fixation on mirror or mirror cabinet
1222 Mirror with integrated lighting
1223 Mirror with integrated lighting
DAN-3052.01 Maintenance guide for wooden trays
IM-0046 Round Venus lamp for ceiling
MB-004-01 Solo mirror with integrated lighting
PURUS Waste and overflow kit for Cadenza washbasin


If you need to take a look at our fitting videos, you can find them here.

Danish design

With Dansani, you get beautiful bathroom solutions based on the philosophy behind Danish design: functionality, simplicity, naturalness.

Read more about Danish design here