Bathroom mirrors in smart and functional design

Dansani offers you a vast choice when it comes to bathroom mirrors. We have a large and exciting selection of mirrors, so you can make your dreams of the perfect bathroom design come true.

Whether you are looking for a mirror with light or without, you will find everything you need in our wide range of bathroom mirrors. There are masses of attractive mirrors in different shapes and price levels – and you can even have mirrors with frames in precisely the colour you want. Everything has been thought of to bring you top quality solutions of all kinds: stylish, classical, minimalist or more extravagant.

And naturally, among all our different mirror solutions you will find

  • Mirrors with energy-saving light
  • Sustainable, environment-friendly materials
  • Good, robust craftsmanship
  • Quality materials in a class of their own

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In all the years we have sold bathroom mirrors, we have drawn up strict criteria for selecting the best and most environment-friendly materials, so your bathroom mirror will last for many years.

If you are looking for a mirror with light, you can simply make a start with our catalogues and visit our inviting showrooms, which you can find throughout the country. Then you can see the superb quality for yourself and get an idea of the almost unlimited choice in smart, decorative and functional bathroom mirrors.

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A mirror is an absolute necessity in most homes, but who says it has to be standard or ordinary? When you choose a Dansani mirror, it is quite special: it allows you to add your very own personal touch in the bathroom, and choose precisely the style that suits your taste and your home.

Bathroom mirrors with light – save money and remember the environment

It is not only smart and environment-friendly to have mirrors with LED lighting in your home. It is also practical and economical. Bathroom mirrors with LED light have become increasingly popular as consumers have discovered how much money they can save with this type of lighting. 

The bathroom light is turned on many times during a day, so with highly functional, energy-saving lighting in a smart design, you can have built-in sustainability and savings when you choose your bathroom accessories.

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Choose a bathroom mirror with adjustable light

If you want to select the colour temperature of your lighting yourself, from warm to cold, we have lots of mirrors and mirror cabinets with adjustable light. You can turn up the brightness when you want efficient light to work by in the morning, and dim it for a gentler atmosphere in the evening, when you are on your way to bed. You can adjust the lighting as you need it and to suit your circadian rhythm, using a built-in touch panel with on and off switch, stepless dimming and colour temperature control.

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A detail: no mist

While we are looking at mirrors, it might also be worth considering avoiding misting-up after a shower. Many mirrors are available with a heating panel that helps keeping the surface free of mist, no matter how long you spend under the shower. It’s a detail, but perhaps good to have on mornings when you have pressed the snooze button a couple of extra times.

Coordinated bathroom light

With Dansani you don’t just coordinate the furniture and the room. The light is carefully thought out too, and you can create a unique harmony in all the furniture in the room with ceiling spotlights, wall-mounted lamps or pendants that match the lighting in the mirror.

If you buy your bathroom light from Dansani, there is no need to worry about quality or the colour of the light. All our LED fittings are a high grade to ensure that all the LED elements in your lamps give light in the same colour, rendering colours correctly, regardless of the lamp model and its position.

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Do you need more storage space? Then go for a bathroom mirror cabinet...

If you would like extra storage space in your bathroom, check out our wide range of mirror cabinets in the same quality as our mirrors.

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