Furnishing a bathroom in the attic with sloping ceilings, slanted walls and off square angles

Don’t think of your bathroom in the attic as a problem room which is harder to furnish functionally than more usual bathroom layouts. Many of our furniture ranges provide the opportunity to use every last bit of space using asymmetric solutions and worktops in bespoke measurements.

Perfect basins for sloping walls

With selected basins from our ranges you can make best use of a room layout by choosing asymmetric solutions where the basin is placed either on the right- or left-hand side of the installation.  This option is very useful under a sloping wall. You can stand upright at the basin and mirror while still having plenty of space on the worktop running along the sloping wall to put your items on.

You can choose between many standard sizes or do you need a bespoke solution?  Across our ranges you will find many options on basin styles, materials and sizes to meet both your wishes and requirements.

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Stand upright in front of the mirror even if you have a sloping wall

A mirror solution doesn’t have to follow the width of the basin allowing our mirror solutions to adjust to your bathroom. In a bathroom in the attic choose a narrower mirror over the basin. We offer both round and rectangular mirrors in various widths and heights with different lighting solutions.

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Create an atmosphere and use decorative shelves throughout the space

Practical shelves can be the finishing touches in your decoration of the bathroom while keeping the items most used within easy reach. Place them next to the mirror and use the space under the sloping wall. You can choose various lengths and let the shelves follow the form of the wall or the mirror.

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Decorate creatively to achieve more storage space

Explore the many solutions for decorating a bathroom in the attic with sloping ceilings, slanting walls and / or off square angles.

Here wall cabinets are no longer limited to only being wall cabinets – but can easily be fitted under a sloping wall where a deeper unit or cabinet would appear clumsy in the design or make the space too restrictive. Place them separately for an airy solution or place them side-by-side and finish with a worktop.

If the toilet doesn’t allow drawers to freely open and close – then open storage can be introduced into the design - for example for towels or laundry.

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Adapt to the sloping angles of the space with bespoke worktop solutions

With a worktop solution you can be completely flexible with your plans and make full use of the room layout without limiting your design. In a bathroom in the attic you can for example make use of the space under the sloping wall with a wall-to-wall solution. Plus you can easily customise the worktop for both off square corners and sloping angles.

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