Make your dream of a new bathroom come true

You probably know the feeling all too well. When you step onto that cold tiled floor every morning you think it’s time for a new bathroom. But it’s easier said than done especially if you are not sure how to tackle a project like this in practice. The more you need to replace and change things, the more overwhelming the task seems to be. We are here to help you plan your new bathroom and we have some smart ideas, tips and tricks of the trade to help your dreams become a reality.

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The following guide covers the most important things to consider so your dream bathroom becomes a real success.

Visit a bathroom specialist

When planning your new bathroom one of your first considerations should be the professional bathroom retailers. They can help with lots of good advice and guidance about the best way to tackle the project within your budget as well as inspiration for planning your new bathroom. We can highly recommend contacting your local Dansani dealer.

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How do you use your bathroom today – will you make changes?

Start by making a list of the positives and negatives of your existing bathroom. Besides the things you wish you could change there are sure to be solutions that work well that you wish to keep in a new bathroom.

In conjunction with a design consultant in the bathroom retailer you can work through your checklist to find the perfect solution for your needs – details to consider are bath/shower combinations, countertop space, additional storage, accessories, etc.

Look through our large inspiration library and find ideas for planning a new bathroom.

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Worktop space, storage or both?

When you choose furniture for a new bathroom it is a good idea to firstly decide how you wish to use the space in your bathroom. If you want a longer worktop there will be less wall space for tall cabinets and side cabinets for additional storage. You can choose extra height vanity units instead making use of the space underneath the basin.

If your bathroom is narrow you can choose a short projection basin solution to maximise floor space without compromising on worktop space. If you need a longer continuous worktop an offset basin setting is a great solution. Choose a mirror cabinet instead of a mirror using the wall space to provide extra storage as well as your mirror.

Carefully consider which items you wish to store in your bathroom and plan the space accordingly. If you need extra wall space the walls over the toilet or behind the door are also useful for a wall cabinet, a tall cabinet or shelves.

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Do you have to allow for odd angles or sloping ceilings?

Even if a sloping ceiling or off-square angles have bothered you in your existing bathroom you can still have a comfortable new bathroom. With custom-made worktop solutions, offset basins, round mirrors, floating shelves and more, there are lots of ways to fully utilise the space. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, either.

Read more about how to furnish a room with a sloping ceiling and off-square angles here:

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Make space so that everyone can get ready in time

Is there only one bathroom for all the family? Then in your new bathroom it is well worth considering the best way to share the space. A double basin might be a good idea so that 2 people can use the wash area at the same time. Or what about an offset basin and worktop solution for sharing the space. A long mirror with good lighting also allows 2 people get ready at the same time. So work out the family’s requirements and priorities to furnish the new bathroom to meet them. It is important to remember that your needs will change over time so think ahead also.

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New layout and services

Don’t let the dimensions of your bathroom limit your dreams or design. Your design consultant can advise on everything from product detail to moving services or even remodelling the layout of your home. There really are no limits.

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What style do you want in your bathroom?

When you have decided on all the practical items you are ready to think about the style you want in your new bathroom. Classical, modern or romantic – perhaps a little of each or something completely different? Look for inspiration on social media, on websites, or in various catalogues so you can find you own personal style. We can make suggestions too to help you find a style you like. So look for all the inspiration you can!

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Touch and feel the products before you buy

Visit your local bathroom specialist to touch and feel your chosen products. Our retail partners offer professional guidance when choosing your products on details such as compatibility, quality and most importantly function. Many bathroom specialists now offer design services to bring your dream bathroom a little closer to reality.

Find your nearest Dansani dealer here:

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We hope you feel inspired to make a start on that new bathroom. If you choose products from Dansani you are welcome to share a picture of your new Dansani bathroom on our social media platforms using the hashtags #mydansani or #createyourpersonalspace